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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use bath bombs?
    To experience the maximum aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils, we suggest first getting into a full bath and then dropping the bath bomb in the tub. Enjoy!
  • How do I use whipped sugar scrubs?
    A little goes a long way! Start with a dime size amount on your hand, sponge, loofah, or wash cloth and apply more if needed. You can use on your body (avoid extra sensitive areas), hands, and face. Rub in a circular motion and rinse. Separation may occur if there are temperature changes, just stir.
  • How do I use shower melts?
    Place one shower melt in corner of shower, either on floor or a shelf, away from direct stream of water, but not too far away that the water never touches it. You may want to drop a few drops of water onto melt to begin it's aromatherapy benefits. Do not sit melt directly in stream of water, or melt will dissolve too quickly. Wash away any left over residue once melt has fully dissolved. Do not allow melt to touch skin once water has started to dissolve it. One melt will last between 1-2 showers.
  • What are the expiration dates?
    Our products are fresh and hand sculpted by the owner. Due to the natural ingredients in our products, it is suggested they are used within 6 months of purchase and stored away from humidity.
  • How are Bombs Away Bathtime bath bombs different from every other bath bomb on the market?
    My family attempted for years to find a natural bath bomb that was made with quality ingredients such as therapeutic grade essential oils and other luxurious ingredients. We couldn't find any! Every bath bomb was filled with chemicals, artificial dyes, and fragrance oils! That is how our company was born. The overstuffed size of our bombs is also unique to Bombs Away Bathtime. We believe that size does matter.
  • Why do you use natural ingredients such as therapeutic grade essential oils?
    Quality is vital when you are submerging your largest organ (skin) in the tub with our bath bombs. Essential oils have been proven to provide numerous therapeutic benefits. We believe in using premium grade (organic when available) ingredients in our bath bombs. The quality of essential oils is important! There are no regulations when it comes to essential oil purity. Our essential oils are from a company who does extensive 3rd party testing for purity standards. Their vigorous testing ensures the pure and excellent potency of their essential oils. We make no short cuts on quality of natural ingredients.
  • Are your bath bombs safe for children?
    Our bath bombs are safe for children, and kids especially love our toy bombs! We suggest cutting the bomb in half for children younger than 5, but if the child is in a full bath tub, a whole bomb is suggested. Minis are perfect for kiddos. Bombs should stay away from sensitive areas (including eyes).
  • Will Bombs Away Bathtime bath bombs stain my tub?
    Our natural bombs will NOT stain your tub. You should always thoroughly rinse out your bathtub after using any bath bombs. Leaving any leftover residue dry (this includes flower petals and herbs, etc.) can make it much more difficult to clean. Our colored bombs use micas. They could leave a faint ring simply due to the therapeutic and nourishing oils that are used. Build-up from soap, hair products, and other products can create a barrier on your tub that the micas will cling to. By bathing in a clean tub only, your chances of a ring are a lot less. If there is a slight ring, simply wipe away. No staining will occur since we use micas and not artificial liquid dyes.
  • I don't like dried flowers in my bath bombs, what do you recommend instead?"
    Flowers aren't your thing? No problem! Our Breathe Well bath bombs are the only bath bombs topped with dried flowers. Simply wipe them off the top if you don't choose to have them surrounding you in your bath or choose other bombs that do not contain dried flowers. No other bath bomb or scrub has dried flowers.
  • What items do you suggest for sensitive skin?
    Our natural and essential oil grade products are safe to use on all skin types, but we speicifically recommend honey oats and milk for those with skin sensitivity.
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