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A stunning crystal with orange and brown tones known for helping to release feelings of fear, aids in harmony & balance, and provides strength. Bath bomb contains a coordinating worry stone crystal and information card.What are Crystal Worry Stones? Let's first talk about crystals! What are they? Crystals are ancient solids made by the Earth. Science tells us that crystals have crystalline structures that give off measurable energy. Unlike our energy (which changes), crystal's energy remains constant. (Example: quartz used in watches) Crystals bring our energy back into balance. Why use Worry Stones? Worry stones have been around for centuries. They are smooth and flat crystals used to combat stress and anxious feelings. When exhibiting stress, rub your worry stone with your pointer finger and thumb. Worry stones work by helping to provide a relaxation sensation while you process your trouble using energy from the Earth and acupressure points in the thumbs. Keep your stone with you at all times: in your purse, desk, under your pillow, pocket, backpack, and car. Use anytime you need it. Extra tip: you may set intentions of gratitude and positive feelings for added benefits. 

Fearless Tiger Eye Crystal Worry Stone Essential Oil Bath Bomb

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  • 9 oz. | 266 mL

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