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Turn your bathroom into a spa! Our luxurious JUMBO bath bombs are infused with therapeutic grade essential oils and other premium/organic ingredients for a true “spa like” experience that your skin and senses will thank you for. All products are free of artificial dyes and artificial fragrances. Enjoy and relax, you deserve it!

Our BREATHE WELL spa products are perfect for helping to improve respiratory wellness. Each variety contains Breathe blend, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils. Breathe blend is known for its ability to maintain the feeling of clear airways and help to minimize seasonal discomforts. Benefits of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils include the following: may improve brain health, benefit the respiratory system, increase circulation, aid in pain reduction, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and reduce stress. The large bombs are topped with dried organic lavender buds to provide further relaxation and comfort.

🌿 Our large bath bombs weigh in at approximately 10 OUNCES EACH! NO ARTIFICIAL DYES OR FRAGRANCES! 

Available in Large Bath Bombs, Mini Bath Bomb Sets, & Whipped Sugar Scrubs

Breathe Well Bath Bomb

SKU: 00013
  • Net wt. 10 oz. | 295 mL

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