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🎵 Under the sea, Under the Sea, Darling it's better, Down where it's wetter, Take it from me 🎵

We are SO EXCITED TO SHARE OUR NEWEST BUBBLE BOMB! This adorable bath bomb is infused with therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender and bergamot and topped with NATURAL BUBBLE '"ICING"! Our darling mermaid toy is enjoying a nice bubble bath and can not wait to join your bath time fun! You are able to enjoy fun bubbles, a relaxing bath bomb, and a whimsical toy ALL IN ONE!   Mermaid colors/types will be chosen randomly.


As always, Bombs Away Bathtime specializes in NATURAL and therapeutic spa treats. All infused with therapeutic grade essential oils. No artificial dyes. No artificial fragrances. EVEN OUR SPRINKLES ARE MADE WITH NATURAL VEGETABLE & FRUIT POWDERS


*Important disclaimer: We realize that our mermaids do not imitate all the beautiful ranges of skin colors.  We had several different types of mermaids purchased and they did not make it to us in time for this launch. If we offer this bath bomb again, we hope to offer a more diverse range of mermaids. Thank you for understanding. ❤️

Life is the Bubbles Toy Bubble Bomb

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  • Weight: 7.5 oz | 222 mL

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